About Us

Prime Islami Securities Limited (PISL) is a registered TREC Holder of both Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE) and Chittagong Stock Exchange (CSE).

PISL aims to provide a full range of professional stock brokerage service to the institutional and individual investors (including NRBs) in Bangladesh as well as foreign institution and individuals. With a view to ensure greater participation of the investors, PISL currently offers securities brokerage and depository participant service.

As a stock broker and stock dealer, the company buys and sells securities, bonds, debentures, commercial papers, Treasury bill or any financial instruments on behalf of clients as well as for its own.

After commencing commercial operation in January 2011, within a very short period of time, PISL has established itself as a leading brokerage house in the country. In addition to successfully creating a solid client base of satisfied institutional and retail customers, PISL has become one of the largest and most active dealers in the market.

PISL was incorporated as public limited company in June 2010 with an authorized and paid-up capital of BDT one billion. PISL is a subsidiary of Prime Islami Life Insurance Limited. It is also a proud member of the Prime Financial Group which is comprised of companies such as Prime Finance & Capital Management Limited, PFI Securities Limited, Fareast Stock & Bonds Limited, PFI Properties Limited, Prime Finance Asset Management Limited etc.

International Indices

Indices Td Point Ytd Point % Change
S&P 500 1578.78 1562.5 1.04%
FTSE 100 6406.12 6280.62 2.00%
DAX 7658.21 7478.11 2.41%
Nikkei 225 13763.52 13529.65 1.73%
Hang Seng 22093.6 21806.61 1.32%


Commodity Price $
Crude Oil (Brent) (USD/bbl.) 120
Gold (USD/t oz.) 1427.35
Silver (USD/t oz.) 23.1
Cotton (USD/lb.) 84.76
Sugar (USD/lb.) 17.67


Currency Buy Sell
USD 77 78.8
Euro 100.69 103.71
GBP 118.14 121.15
JPY 0.77 0.8
AUD 79.42 80.68
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